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Work in progress, especially for dropped characters, but active too. A lot to add lol. But it's 5am and I should stop poking at this.

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On second thought, Kefka, buddy, I've got a sound idea right here in my noggin' about how you can impress a god like me - and hey, I'm not sayin' you can't go ahead with something else showy - but this, I'm really curious about, see. I've lost sight of a lot of little tokens in this city, but one pretty lady still is drifting out in the streets, and I bet a guy like you would even be interested in someone like her.

Name's Rozalin. Won't you see about her for me? She's a powerful gem of sorts, I'll tell you that much.

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So! How are all my lovely friends of Paixao doing? Appreciating the light of the city again? I'm sure - you're all bouncin' with joy thinking you're safe again and all that fun stuff. Hm? Is that about right?

Well I can agree that it was a showy display of power. But don't you ever let yourselves think you're safe. That's just not how life works.

Have fun at your little pool party. Enjoy life while it lasts. When you're dead, you've got me to deal with.
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Is everyone having a good time? Watching where you step? You'll never know if the ground will just open up and suck you down, with all this darkness. I mean, sheesh, I'd be afraid to wander around if I were you... but hey, that's just one guy's opinion, right? It's not like I know anything at all.

[insert a good roll of laughter]

...Oh wait! I do.

Heh. Have a ball rompin' around through the dark, kids.

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Hey kid, I bet you felt real brave playing rescue, huh? The little junior hero trying to do some good. What I can't believe is you went off and left your girlfriend all alone - oh the danger she could have been in! Haven't you learned not to leave those you care about unprotected? She was practically in the grasp of the Heartless... it would've been an easy command, too. Not that one can ever really have control over the Heartless... they could've accidentally slipped and oh! Poor little girlfriend.

You should really take better care of these things, kid.

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[Hades is rambling to himself, sounding a bit like he's sulking, and a bit thoughtful]

I mean, really... my plans are solid. They've got nothing on me. Hey, hey, maybe there's a lot more of them than I initially intended for, and I've had to rethink things a bit, but there's really no cause for alarm or anything... it isn't like they've managed to track me down or anything ahead of schedule...

... but I do have a longer hate-list then previously. What's it take to get someone to sweep certain things under the rug? Sure, alright, I've got locked away someone people apparently are sore over - more people then, again, I anticipated - but that does not mean they should be digging up the past. Hey, the past is the past. They don't see ME digging into their former relationship with who-the-heck-know-what. I'm a god. I could if I really WANTED to.

Really. Flick of the wrist, a little smoke-show, and I could bring down the house. Hades is still in action. Life of the city. These folks would be terribly bored without the presence of the Lord of the Dead.

That's right.

They should be thanking me. Offering favors! Handing out a little wine, do a little dancing. Sheesh, no one knows how to appreciate things these days!
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Oh, by the way, it nearly slipped my mind. That party I held? There were several interesting sorts attending... So sorry I didn't catch their names, ah, but I'm sure you can make due. I have an impeccable memory of faces, however...

[insert picture of Yuuko]
[insert picture of Marluxia]
[insert picture of Larxene]
[insert picture of Death]
[insert picture of Rozalin]
[insert picture of Knuckles]

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I've noticed a problem with a friend of mine, sure we don't talk much lately anymore, but eh, I still see it. It's really beginning to worry me, see? Am I the only one who's seen it? Tell me I'm not the only one.

I'm talking about Auron - who else is friends with him here? Close ones that I've missed out on? We should really get together to talk about this, I think... No one can really trust the journals, if you ask me.

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My wonderful friends of Paixao, how are you doing as of late? I'd love to hear everything. No need for secrets!

I'm doing quite fine, myself.


Feb. 1st, 2009 11:55 pm
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[he chuckles slowly] Well hello, Paixao. Long time, no chat. Been a bit busy, y’know? I do so hope everyone is enjoying the Heartless running around. You're all quite an interesting bunch, aren't ya? I mean sheesh, I don't remember seeing the Heartless so intent in... oh... decades, I bet. Hercules and the brat aside. I applaud you, really, I do.

Now I've been thinking. Eh, why not get together? Meet you little mortals up close, have a few drinks, party like all 'good' people know how. You guys like parties, right? Right! What's not to like about a good party? I'll even show my kindness in bringing the entertainment, not that Paixao's entertainment isn't great and all that. [he chuckles again, although it's hard to tell why he's so amused]

So how about it? Invitation is open to all! Although... there are a few of you that I extend a special invite to... I bet you know who you are [he grumbles the last part darkly]. Sora! I still have to thank you for opening up my Underdrome. I'm sure it's thriving even without my preening. Cloud, Auron? It’s been so long, we should catch up. Yeah. [he drawls] I look forward to it.

I’ll give you all guests some time to get your best outfits together, groom yourselves in all your nasty places. Why, you ask? [his voice rises in level] Because our show will be held in Ceu de Mouraria, several nights from now! See you then.

((As in… hooo… I’ll probably put a thread up like… Thursday. *headscratch* Yeah. :D))

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